Extra support for optional

  • Expandable and modular platform for M2M and IoT applications
  • Various data collection and remote management through
  • serial, Ethernet ports, GPIOs and USB, I2C, SPI buses
  • Secure cellular or wire data connection with backup
  • Bridge between industrial applications (modbus, serial and so on) and IP networks.

As business applications are becoming more complex, customer’s demands for connectivity and privacy grow very high. The employees need secure, reliable, high- performance, simple and convenient connectivity – inside and outside the office to stay productive and keep in touch with customers, business partners, and colleagues. At the same time, the connectivity must be hardened to prevent intrusions, spying and vulnerabilities and to provide trusted communications. The BR104 support Dual SIM slot for 4G LTE connection failover backup.

Let us introduce BR104 which is designed especially for Enterprises , to connect remote branches and employees, to provide high speed, reliable and secured communications in easy to use and affordable manner. BR104 router mode opens full power of integrated VPN and security features like powerful firewall, tunneling, IPSEC, dynamical routing, DM VPN Use case – Enterprise. To provide VPN connectivity between branch office and headquarter.

Hardware specifications

Networking Specification

Networking Specification

Privacy and data protection


Power Supply /Environmental characteristics

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