Unified Fault, Performance, Configuration and Accounts (FCAPS) Management of your heterogeneous digital infrastructure with advanced forecasting, root-cause analysis and business process analysis.

An all-in-one integrated solution with:

Fault and Performance management along with NCM

  • Web based GUI for easy access with no client installations required
  • FCAPS based monitoring & management
  • Agent less deployments using standard protocols
  • Easy adaptation to new devices / applications
  • Modular and Distributed architecture
    • Multi-level distribution support with local and centralized access
    • Support for remote operations on local servers
    • Secure data transfer between remote and central servers
    • Scalable solution with multi location expansion

Fault Management

• Centralized Fault Management Console
• Immediate fault detection via polling , traps and rules
• Threshold based Performance Alerts
• Multi-level threshold with color-coded severity types
• Multi-mode notification with escalation
• In-built auto-correlation mechanism for RCA
• Hold-time support to neglect false alerts
• Instant diagnosis options with auto correction triggering
• Status propagation to all levels of network
• Syslog management with extensive filtering and alerting options
• Auto intelligent NOC operation view
• Service alerts based on rules
• Automatic threshold baselining
• Acknowledge/Un-acknowledge the alarms
• Maintain operator comments as Knowledge Base
• Convert alarms to Incidents/Problems by integrating with Everest Service Manager or ay 3rd Party ITSM Tool and track the status
• Performing Root cause analysis and Service impact analysis for faster restoration

Performance Management

Multi-aspect performance tracking for proactive management

    • Network performance (Router , switch, firewall, wifi, CCTV, ip phones etc.. )
    • System performance
    • Server and Storage performance
    • Application performance
    • Quality of Service
  • Maintenance of historical data for in-depth analysis
  • Flexible dashboards for multi-angle information
  • Multilevel data aggregation of network
  • Extensive performance-based reports

Inventory Management

• Complete network asset management
• Consolidated node view for viewing both Performance & Inventory data
• Multi-mode data capturing (Agent & Non-Agent based)
• AMC tracking of all assets
• Audit reports for complete network
• Software License tracking
• User friendly search and filter options
• Periodic sync of network asset with ITSM CMDB

Maps & Topology

• Complete Network Topology Visualization with live status
• Live Geographical Map
• Location wise Drill down Map
• Visio like Web based Network diagram Builder

• Root cause Analysis
• Service Impact Analysis
• Topology based Correlation
• Rule based Correlation

Flexible & Customizable Reports

• Highly Informational pre-configured reports
• Strong, fully configurable, reporting module
• Option of generating multiple reports in parallel for comparison and analysis
• User specific access to reports
• Scheduled automatic reports sent directly by the system
• Report copying
• Multiple graph support (Trend, Bar, Pie, Area etc.)
• Reports extrapolation to support Capacity Planning
• Export to multiple formats like PDF, Excel, CSV etc.

Customizable Dashboards
• Configurable dashboards
• Wide variety of Widgets to configure
• User specific access to dashboards

Configuration Management

• Scheduled Backup of Device Configurations
• Download both startup and running configuration
• Configuration change comparison with color-coded highlighting
• Baseline tagging of stable configurations
• Notifications on configuration changes
• Option to upload configurations
• Reports

Personalized Accounts & Role Management

• Multiple account types
• Password change
• User Preferences
• User Groups
• Custom Roles & Privileges
• Local Authentication
• AD / LDAP / Radius / TACACS+ Based Authentication

Notification & Escalation
• Multi-mode notification
• Rule based alerts
• SMS, e-mail, batch, syslog,SNMP trap, beeper, XML, etc
• Multi-level escalation support
• Support for bulk notifications by grouping based on:

      o Time periods

      o Nodes / Devices

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