NetVision is a powerful and comprehensive solution to ensure exceptional online customer experience via monitoring responsiveness and ease of interactions with online assets. NetVision offers great insight into customer responsiveness and ability to record and replay entire user session along with interactions to determine any anomalies within the application that may affect user experience or revenue .

Why NetVision?

  • Integrated product suite covering various measurement aspects – RUM, SM, OCX, CF.
  • Machine learning based anomaly detection and alerting.
  • Real-time analysis of performance, availability, conversions and revenue.
  • Correlate bad user experience with network, application, server, or database health.
  • Collect real-time customer feedback to fix issues and enhance application performance.
  • NetVision is a feature rich enterprise-ready Customer Experience Monitoring (Session Replay), Real User Monitoring, Synthetic Monitoring, and Customer Feedback solution the capabilities of which, by no means are restricted to the features mentioned below:

Monitor Multi-channel Website from Multi-location

  • Measure multi-page workflows simulating complete customer navigation path including form data submission and user-actions (clicks), and record scripting of tests. Benchmark against your competition and baseline your performance for each critical page through scheduled reporting.
  • Real time alerts for any degradation in performance or availability.

Analyze Performance Issues in Real-time, before it Impacts Your Customers

  • Drill down to analyze performance issues against baseline/trend and pin-point the root cause for performance degradation. Full resource waterfalls and page performance load times from the browser timing and navigation APIs.

Configure Service for 24/7- availability Monitoring

  • Agents located at many data centers across US. Add or delete locations as per need for various jobs.

Monitor Multi-channel Website for Performance and Business Metrics

  • Overall and channel-wise visualization of page views, page load metrics, revenue and conversion. Slice & dice millions of data point by browser, location, OS, device, etc.
  • Gather baseline performance and monitor deviations from the baseline to get alerts even before customer complains.

Page and Resource Navigation, and Timing Data

  •  Monitor navigation timing (- duration of various phases of a page loading and its resources). View waterfall model for any page to analyze any performance issue.
  • Customizable aggregation engine to summarize performance data for quick reporting and on-demand analysis.

Analyze Performance Issues vis-à-vis baseline trends

  • Drill down to analyze performance issues against baseline/trend and pin-point the root cause for performance degradation.
  • Comparison reports to compare timing and size of resources for any page.

Dig into Back-end Issues via Integration of RUM with NetDiagnostics:

  • Seamless tracking of web request from front-end to backend server to get insight into backend issues. Monitor tier/service/class/method taking time and identify the hot spots.

Monitor Customer Navigation Paths through User Session Capture & Replay

  • Replay user session capture as-is experienced by user, including dynamic content and users clicks and page scrolls.
  • Visualize what user did during the session via running commentary on user actions during the course of session replay.
  • Easy identification of pages of interest using events and navigating directly to those pages without going through all sessions.

Dig into Back-end Issues via Integration of OCX with NetDiagnostics

  • Seamless tracking of page request from front-end to backend server to get insight into backend issues.
  • Correlate customer experience with db queries, class methods causing delays, exception if any in the backend. Track Ajax requests/reposes and correlate it with what customer is experiencing on the web page.

Powerful Data Visualization

  • Funnel Visualization: Visualize conversions/drop outs along the business process and potential reasons.
  • Session Filtering: Find interesting sessions out of millions using events, custom data, session data, performance, etc.
  • Reports: Standard and custom reports, scheduled reports.

Improve Customer Experience by Enabling an Integrated Feedback Channel

  • Capture customer feedback of his experience in context of web page. Capture web page with sections highlighted for which customer wants to provide feedback.
  • Enable customer to hide private data like credit card, phone, address, etc.

Powerful Data Visualization

Configure alerts to customer support team whenever a new feedback is available. Enable support personnel to replay session with single click to better understand customer concerns.

  • Session Filtering: Filter sessions with customer feedback and replay
  • Reports: Standard and custom reports, scheduled reports on customer feedbacks.

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