NetForest is the next generation software that makes use of server logs to troubleshoot performance issues and to understand user behavior. NetForest allows its users to slice and dice machine-generated Big Data for decision-making insights. Pattern recognition and correlation analysis are some of the strong features to help software developers and performance engineering teams carry-out root cause analysis for optimizing application performance.

Why NetForest?

  • Vendor independent, full text search and visualization product for log analysis.
  • Big-data visualization using aggregation capabilities.
  • Clustering of nodes, data distribution, and replication for scaling and redundancy.
  • Auto-correlation and deep diagnostics for root cause analysis.

Cavisson NetForest is a feature rich enterprise-ready Log Monitoring and Analysis solution, the capabilities of which, by no means are restricted to the features mentioned below:

Indexing and Query Language Support

  • Creates index on each term so that any term can be searched in sub-second response time
  • Any kind of log can be parsed and indexed with key fields extracted into fields on which query/filtering can be done
  • Query language supports – simple syntax as well as a more powerful JSON based syntax

Data Aggregation and Powerful Visualization

  • Easy aggregation of data as per visualization needs and presentation using various kinds of charts – line/bar/pie/geo/metric…
  • Slice and dice data based on time window, any series/graph, term – same filter applies to all widgets on the dashboard

Seamless Integration Capabilities

  • Seamless tracking of web transactions over various tier servers and their logs for any problem analysis
  • Correlate data NetDiagnostics between NetForest with single click operations

Node Clustering and Load Distribution

  • Auto discovery of clustering nodes, addition of new nodes and load redistribution
  • Data partitioning across shards and data replication across cluster nodes to provide redundancy in case of node failure
  • Indexing and search query load distribution and cumulative data compilation for fast query response

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