Capability :

  • Scheduled and Bulk Discovery
  • Multitenancy & Role-Based Access
  • In-Built Diagnostic Tools
  • Scheduled Backup Operations
  • Comprehensive Auditing
  • Reusable Templates for Bulk Changes
  • Detect Policy Violations
  • Email & SMS Notification
  • API-based 3rd Party Tool Integration
  • PDF, Excel, CSV Export options

Automate your Configuration & Change Management

  • Everest Network Configuration and Change Manager (NCCM) automates the Configurations and Compliance of network devices.
  • NCCM (which is a part of the Everest IMS Suite), places a stringent focus on compliance for regulatory standards, complemented by real-time alerts on important events and comprehensive reports for managing overall network devices & their daily operations.
  • Everest NCCM is vendor-agnostic and manages various devices covering Routers, Switches, Bridges, Firewalls, Load balancers and Wi-Fi access controllers.
  • Everest NCCM enables change to occur in a controlled, innocuous and measured manner by ensuring impacts and risks are sufficiently assessed.
  • It provides insight into making informed decisions about what changes can be allowed for deployment, and what changes need additional analysis or risk mitigation.
  • Everest NCCM helps you find out 'who' made 'what' changes, 'when' and 'why'.
  • Further, it alerts you in real-time on your mobile phone (or through other immediate channels) when changes or events occur.
  • Everest NCCM helps support the processing of changes and enables their traceability.
  • It can automate the Configuration and Compliance of network devices across any scale of magnitude and numbers.

Network Discovery

  • Supports multi-modes of discovery using typically required SNMP and device credentials.

Configuration Management

  • Comprehensive Network Configuration Backup & Recovery across all network devices.
  • Instant detection and alerting on configuration changes with the option to automatically roll back to a previous configuration.

Network Security Auditing

  • Monitor via “Live Tracking” all authorized user actions on target network devices displaying CLI commands executed and results with audit archiving for historical analysis.
  • Initiate “kill sessions” in the event of any protocol breach.

Multi-Channel Notification & Reports

  • Immediate alerting of important events like detecting configuration changes, configuration download success, policy violations, job completions, firmware upgrade etc., using multiple channels like Email & SMS along with other detailed reports.

Inventory Tracking

  • Capture complete inventory details of multi-vendor Network Devices including Host name, Serial Number, Vendor, Model, OS, Firmware Version, End-Of-Life, End-Of-Support details etc.

Routine Task Automation

  • Automate common & repetitive tasks with respect to Network Operations with pre-configured templates allowing execution of tasks at multiple locations at the same instant.

Vulnerability Detection

  • Instantaneous detection of vulnerabilities in newly-discovered target network devices.
  • Multi-level security tagging of device vulnerabilities based on CVSS Scores along with vulnerability details.

Audit Trails & Tracking

  • Complete audit trail of device configurations, tool operations, job executions for end-to-end tracking of network operations and tool activities.

Policy Compliance

  • Flexible Rules & Policy Configuration Templates ensuring complete Security, Operational & Regulatory Policy Definition & Enforcement.

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