• Management of single and multiple CPEs per user.
  • CPE and customer profile management.
  • Users managment
  • Mass Update / CPE Group Update
  • Software/Firmware Image Management
  • CPE Policy Management
  • CPE based events triggering
  • Supported of devices connected to the router (TR-111)
  • Full support of the TR-69 specs
  • Complete API/NBI to external applications


  • Enables provisioning and delivery of value-added services
  • Supports all routers, set-top boxes (STBs), ATAs, cameras, IP phones with no additional development.
  • Improve subscriber’s QoS
  • Reduces the cost of provisioning new subscribers and new services
  • Reduces on-going support costs

Automated Problem Resolution for Non-technical Users

  • TR-069 Self Support portal reduces the number of calls to the help desk and increases customer satisfaction, by allowing non-technical subscribers to independently diagnose and repair problems related to data, voice and video services.
  • Friendly's self support portal offers a "single click" approach to problem resolution.
  • Instead of reading manuals and help files, users can use the portal to automatically diagnose their problem and, through a series of simple questions, be presented with a solution for approval.

Support of Multiple Device Types

  • The TR-069 Self Support Portal is designed to support all types of devices including modem/routers, IPTV/STBs, ATA/VoIP, storage devices, media centers, femtocell, IP-phones, cameras, PCs, browsers, email clients, etc.
  • Its vast knowledge base includes automated tests and problem resolution scenarios that cover most common problems related to data, voice and video services.

Network Map and Intruder Detection

  • Friendly's TR-069 Self Support Portal displays an easy to understand network map of all devices that are connected to the user's network, with comprehensive information about the device and its activities.
  •  If the user sees an unknown device (intruder) on the network map, the intruder can be easily disconnected from the network by enabling wireless security.

Wireless Security

  • The Self Support Portal enables non-technical users to easily protect their network with a single click. 
    Security settings, such as selection of network SSID and selection of security type (WEP/WPA2), are simplified to allow independent operation by non-technical users.

Manage VoIP and IPTV Services

  • The Self Support Portal enables non-technical users to easily set their VoiP service settings on screen (e.g. call waiting, ring tone, conference call, mailbox settings and messages), as well as the STB settings.

Diagnostics and Self-Repair Tools

  • The system can diagnose problems and execute automated fix scripts. The scripts can be prepared by the service provider using Friendly's Workflow Editor.

New Value Added Services

  • When confronted with a problem or while browsing the self-support site, the user may choose to add services such as: anti-virus, enhanced support, telephony services, gaming, etc. 
  • The user can register to the new service (with integration to the existing ordering system), and upon completion of the registration process, the devices will be automatically configured for the new service.

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